Judging Criteria

Live presentations will take place in two rounds. All live presentations will be a maximum of 10 minutes in length, with 10 minutes of questions from the judging panel and will be hosted virtually via Zoom. Judging will not be biased based on the type of business and their inherent pivoting timeframe (i.e. web-based businesses are able to pivot inherently more quickly compared to physical product-based businesses).

First Round
Semifinalist teams will be required to present their presentations live via Zoom, hosted by EPICentre. Teams will present to a panel of highly experienced and qualified business experts. Each team will be assessed based on the judging criteria below. Up to 6 teams with the highest score will move to the finalist round.

All semi-finalists will be eligible for the Postmedia People’s Choice Award and KPMG Financial Competence Award.

Second Round
The final presentations will take place virtually, in front of a new panel of judges, and the winner and runner-up of the RBC EPIC BMCC will be determined. Each finalist team will be judged on the Main Judging Criteria.

Each of the following criteria will be scored on a scale from 1 – 5, with 1 being poorly explained and 5 being exceptional.

Main Judging Criteria
Semi-Final and Final Competition will be judged on the following:

  1. Did the team clearly state their initial hypotheses and how they were developed?
  2. Is the customer problem a ‘significant’ problem and was ‘significant’ defined?
  3. Did the team identify which hypotheses are most crucial for their business success and therefore should be tested first?
  4. Did the team create fast, low cost, and effective methods for testing their hypotheses?
  5. Did the teams use the testing methods they developed in a reliable and effective manner?
  6. Did the team develop conclusions from the results of their testing, and did they clearly state whether their hypotheses were validated or invalidated?
  7. Did the team pivot based on supporting evidence from their testing?
  8. Did the team develop a minimum viable product, as opposed to immediately creating a full product, which addressed their hypotheses for further testing?
  9. Did the team use a business model canvas to record their progress?
  10. Did the team provide evidence that their business model/solution to a customer problem was validated?
Postmedia People’s Choice Award
All teams are eligible for this award
  1. Did the team demonstrate excellent presentation skills?
  2. Did the team effectively use and illustrate the business model canvas?
  3. Did the team demonstrate a general tenacity, drive and commitment to their venture?

KPMG Financial Competency Award
All teams are eligible for this award

  1. Did the team utilize their financial resources wisely in making their MVP (prototype)?
  2. Did the team present a sound revenue model?
  3. Did the team able to demonstrate a sustainable financial model that can take the business to the next level?

2019 Judges

<p align="center">Aaron Mailloux<br>Associate <br> Capital Assist Valuation Inc.</p>

Aaron Mailloux
Capital Assist Valuation Inc.

<p align="center">Adam Castle<br>Director of Venture Services <br>WEtech Alliance </p>

Adam Castle
Director of Venture Services
WEtech Alliance

<p align="center">Ali AbdulHussein<br>MEM Program Coordinator<br> University of Windsor</p>

Ali AbdulHussein
MEM Program Coordinator
University of Windsor

<p align="center">Debbie Landers<br>COO<br>Georgian Partners</p>

Debbie Landers
Georgian Partners

<p align="center">Diane Reko <br>CEO<br>  Reko International Group</p>

Diane Reko
Reko International Group

<p align="center">Duane Acorn<br>Senior Manager<br>  Postmedia </p>

Duane Acorn
Senior Manager

<p align="center">Janis Windsor <br>Organizational Change Management Consultant<br>  SuccessTown</p>

Janis Windsor
Organizational Change Management Consultant

<p align="center">Joseph Heraldo<br>CEO <br> Measuredlive</p>

Joseph Heraldo

<p align="center">Lauren Makaric<br>Business Account Manager<br>RBC</p>

Lauren Makaric
Business Account Manager

<p align="center">Lynda Heij<br>President  <br>LP45 Consulting </p>

Lynda Heij
LP45 Consulting

<p align="center">Myrtle Amrita Donnipad <br>Youth

Myrtle Amrita Donnipad
Youth & Entrepreneurship Advisor
WindsorEssex Small Business Centre

<p align="center">Nicole Anderson   <br>Business Consultant</p>

Nicole Anderson
Business Consultant

<p align="center">Paul Schlosser <br>Client Relationship Manager<br>  Active Care Management  </p>

Paul Schlosser
Client Relationship Manager
Active Care Management

<p align="center">Robert Whent <br>Industrial Technical Advisor IRAP <br>National Research Council Canada </p>

Robert Whent
Industrial Technical Advisor IRAP
National Research Council Canada

<p align="center">Roger Kirkness <br> CEO  <br>Convictional </p>

Roger Kirkness

<p align="center">Shelly Fellows<br> VP Communications<br>  AIS Technologies Group </p>

Shelly Fellows
VP Communications
AIS Technologies Group

<p align="center">Terra Cadeau<br> Director

Terra Cadeau
Director & PMO
Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare